General Overview
Background of the Conference:

Since the release of the Special Approval Procedure for Innovative Medical Devices (Trial) in 2014, the innovation approval pathway has been open to medical device companies for over eight years. With the support of national policies, China's innovative medical device market is rapidly developing. For life science companies, substantial investment in research and development is typically required in the early stages. The process from initial research and development to market launch often faces challenges such as long product registration and approval cycles and high upfront costs. With the improvement of domestic medical device companies' innovative capabilities, intellectual property disputes and infringement litigation in the field of medical devices have become increasingly common both domestically and internationally. Therefore, the layout and protection of intellectual property have become increasingly important.

Against this backdrop, the "3rd Global Medical Device Intellectual Property Summit 2023," hosted by IP ForeFront New Media, will be held in Wan Yue Grand Skylight Hotel Shenzhen from November 15nd to 17th, 2023, with the theme of "IP Risk Prevention Supports the Innovative Development of Medical Devices." This conference will continue the previous conference model and enrich the content of the conference themes. The afternoon of November 22nd will be dedicated to a half-day pre-conference workshop, and November 16rd to 17th will be the two-day main conference. The relevant topics will start from current hot issues and focus on practical aspects for industry practitioners in the field of intellectual property. The conference aims to provide a good learning opportunity for intellectual property professionals in the industry and to build a bridge for communication and cooperation among intellectual property practitioners, industry lawyers, agents, and enterprise researchers and developers in the medical device field.

It will help you understand:

• Disputes over ownership of invention patents in medical device companies

• Key analysis of legal due diligence for medical device investment, financing, and mergers (not limited to IP)

• Analysis of IPO listing choices for medical device companies and differences in intellectual property regulation

• Data compliance and compliance system development for medical device companies

• Case studies of infringement of trade secrets in medical device companies and approaches to protecting rights

• Patent mining, portfolio development, freedom-to-operate (FTO), and high-value patent cultivation in medical device companies

• Patent drafting and portfolio development for underlying technologies in smart healthcare

• Intellectual property layout and planning for hot track medical device products

• Analysis of domestic and international intellectual property litigation cases in the medical device field

• Intellectual property risks and risk prevention for medical device companies expanding into European and American markets

• Experience sharing in collaborations between medical device companies and research institutions in early-stage medical innovation

IFMF Participating Units:

Government departments and associations: People's Courts, Intellectual Property Offices, Medical Products Administration, Industry associations.

Industry law firms: Intellectual property lawyers, agents.

Medical device enterprises: responsible person for intellectual property, legal affairs, R&D, compliance.

Scientific research institutions/universities: management department of intellectual property operation, R&D personnel.

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The 3rd Global Medical Device Intellectual Property Summit 2023 (IFMF 2023)
“Intellectual Property Risk Prevention Supports the Innovative Development of Medical Devices”

Afternoon of November 15nd

Pre-conference Workshops: (Trade Secrets, Investment M&A IPO, and Data Compliance)
Trade Secrets, Investment M&A IPO, and Data Compliance

Morning of November 16rd

Collaboration between Medical Science and Engineering, Patent Mining and Layout
Patent Landscape and Trend Analysis, Collaboration between Medical Science and Engineering, Innovation Mining

Afternoon of November 16rd

Medical Device Intellectual Property Litigation:
Observation and Response to Domestic and International Medical Device Patent Infringement Litigation Cases

Morning of November 17th

Expansion into Europe, the United States, and International Markets: Intellectual Property Layout and Risk Control for Medical Device Companies Expanding Internationally

Afternoon of November 17th

Competition and Patent Landscape in Hot Tracks: Analysis of Patent Landscape and Intellectual Property Layout in Hot Tracks of Medical Devices, FTO, and Intellectual Property Layout

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