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General Overview
About GMIPS:

In recent years, China continuously release policy which base on medical device developments to improve standardized the market, encourage investment and technological innovation. “China Manufacturing 2025” clearly present high-performance medical devices as one of the ten key industries, also, it is proposed to improve the the innovation ability and industrialization level to gradually change the market dependence on imports.

“Healthy China 2030” proposed in next 15 years, in medical device industry, we will deepen reform of the distribution system, strengthen safety supervision, strengthen innovation capabilities, promote localization. On November 5, 2018, the former CFDA revised “Special Procedures for Examination & Approval of Innovative Medical Devices” . This year, “Measures for the Administration of Registration of Medical Devices” will be built out nationally. Obviously, supportive policy have been gradually implemented, import substitution is expected to speed up.

In 2019, China’s medical market capacity has exceeded 600 billion RMB. With the rapid development of this industry, intellectual property disputes have sprung up one after another. Intellectual property has already became the core problem in medical device industry. To protect intellectual property and take competitive advantage under localization and innovation situation is a very important subject to enterprises.

Under this background, the Global Medical Device Intellectual Property Conference 2021 sponsored by YIP events will be held in Shenzhen on June 2-4, with the theme of “Innovation and Intellectual Property Strategy under localization’s acceleration ” Our conference includes two days’ meeting and half day’s pre-conference workshop. We will mainly address how to declare innovative medical devices bases on patent strategy; the differences among China, the U.S. , Europe and other main areas on patent examination and patent grant, patent infringement litigation and juridical protection, intellectual property layout and development, the differences between China and the U.S. on trade secret protection, patent portfolio & data compliance and network security on wisdom medical technology. The goal for our conference is to establish a platform for intellectual property people communicate and stimulate the development of innovation in medical device industry in China.
What You Can Learn From GMIPS:

• China, the U.S. and Europe’s patent application and review practice.(“Diagnosis and Treatment Diseases ”、computer programs, algorithm)

• The intellectual property protection strategy in different stages in research and development.

• The developments and trend of intellectual property litigation in medical devices across the world

• Current situation and challenge of trade secret protection and judicial trial in China

• Trade secretes problems relevant to Defend Trade Secret protection Act and Economic and Trade Agreement

• The determination of relief, production of evidence and compensation amount

• Problems and countermeasures of administrative protection and judicial protection in China

• The differences among China, the U.S. and Europe in Bolar provision & Introduction Patent Linkage System in China

• Patent layout, R&D changes, patent mining, and dual diligence

• IVD competitive situation,overseas patent layout and risk management.

• The current patent state and layout of interventional Cardiologist Medical Device Products

• Along with the accelerated development of localization in China, the challenges and approaches for global enterprises

• Trademark protection, anti-counterfeiting and rand management

• The newest information about antitrust policy and enforcement

• AI patent layout, data compliance and internet security on wisdom medical technology

Benefits of Attending:

• Unique opportunity to raise your profile and showcase your expertise of your organization in Med Device IP area

• Enhancing and establish your partnerships with In-house counsel and industry peers globally to protect your patents and market exclusivity

• Catch up the global Med Device IP landscape and trends to build your strategies to adapt it

• Exploring the opportunities of China’s Med Device market and its impact on global medical device ecosystem

• Branding your IP services by in-depth conversation,speaking and exhibition booth in front of global medical device IP professionals throughout this two days medical device IP focused summit

• Getting Insights from leading in-house IP counsel, patent prosecutors and litigators, government officials and policy experts from around the world on latest and hottest medical device related IP issues facing IP professions today

• Arranging meetings with participants during the conference (Pre-Conference workshops, Tea break, Cocktail parties and Lunches )by using GMIPS online networking system

More speakers are being invited!
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Global Med Device IP Summit(GMIPS 2021)
“Innovation & IP Strategy Under Med Device Localization Acceleration”

June 2nd(15:00-18:00)

Pre-Conference Workshop:
Review & approval of innovative medical devices、Medical device MAH system and IP

June 3rd Morning

Patent Application & Granting:
Difference, requirements and practices of medical device patents in China, Europe and US,
IP Strategy for Med Device Companies in different R&D stages

June 3rd Afternoon

Infringement Litigation & Judicial Protection:
Trends of infringement litigation, US- China comparison of trade secrets,
Determination and burden of proof of IP infringement

June 4th Morning

Due Diligence & IP Layout:
Med device M&A DD、IVD & cardiovascular and cerebrovascular interventional Products competitive situation,
patent layout, IP risk management, Application of patent tactics in business competition

June 4th Afternoon

Medical AI、IP Protection of Medical AI、Data Cpmpliance:
Patent drafting related to algorithms and computer system, AI patent layout for Med Device companies,
Data compliance under medical AI

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