Connecting With IPers in Med Device Industry
200+In House Counsel
40+Distinguished Speakers
40+One on One Meetings
1+Pre-Conference Workshops
15+Hour Interation
General Overview
About GMIPS:

In recent years, China attaches great importance to the medical device industry, gives great incentive support to this industry, encourages to accelerate the development of domestic medical devices so that to expand the business scale and be stronger, and realizes import substitution; It is written in the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the Development of Medical Device Industry, the 13th Five-Year Plan period has witnessed the rapid development of China's medical device industry and the fast expansion of the market. China’s medical device market scale reached 840 billion yuan in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 11.8%. As the medical industry develops rapidly, IP disputes of medical devices occur constantly. For the medical device industry, intellectual property has become the core of competition. The way to protect the intellectual property of medical devices under the policies of innovation and domestic substitution, and to stand on the competitive highland, has become an important topic that medical device enterprises have to take into consideration.

Under this context, the "2nd Global Med Device IP Summit 2022" sponsored by YIP Events and its affiliated new media "IP ForeFront" will be grandly held in Shanghai on June 15-17, 2022. The theme of this summit will be "IP Protection, Risk Prevention and Control Boost the Innovative Development of Med Devices". This two-day conference and a half-day seminars prior to the conference will be mainly focused on practical issues regarding protection and management of trade secret of medical devices as well as system construction, the key points of the latest "Measures for Medical Devices Registration and Administration", data analysis of patent invalidation and infringement, review and practice, patent infringement litigation, wisdom, IP practices of overseas medical device enterprises, intellectual medical treatment, protection of industrial design, industry-university-research-hospital cooperation, etc. It is expected that more than 400 intellectual property practitioners of the medical device industry will attend the conference to conduct communication at the appointed time.

Global Med Device IP Summit will help you understand:

• Practical issues regarding management, protection and prevention of trade secret of medical devices. You will also be able to lean relevant experiences of trade secret from the representative enterprises.

• The importance of due diligence for the medical device industry is a market where investment and financing mergers and acquisitions happen all the time.

• The compliance risk guidance and the construction of data compliance system in R&D, production, clinical trial and operation of medical device enterprises.

• Key points of the latest Measures for Medical Devices Registration and Administration.

• Data analysis, authorization, invalidity and infringement of the overall situation of patent application of China’s medical devices.

• Layout of overseas patent of medical device enterprises, risk prevention and control, review and practice of overseas patent, countermeasures of infringement lawsuit.

• Relevant IP issues and enlightenment regarding IPO assessment of medical devices in START market.

• IP protection strategies and suggestions regarding IVD enterprises, wearable products, household medical devices.

• Protections, reviews and practices, infringement litigations regarding the industrial design of medical devices.

• The layout and technological trend of intelligent medical patent.

• Industry-university-research-hospital Cooperation: How to break through the difficulty of "collaborative innovation" and the arrangement of IP rights during the collaborative innovation.

• Issues and risk prevention and control during the authorization cooperation of medical device enterprises.

GMIPS Participating Units:

Government departments and associations: People's Courts, Intellectual Property Offices, Medical Products Administration, Industry associations.

Industry law firms: Intellectual property lawyers, agents.

Medical device enterprises: responsible person for intellectual property, legal affairs, R&D, compliance.

Scientific research institutions/universities: management department of intellectual property operation, R&D personnel.

Highlights of GMIPS:

40+ speeches from intellectual property offices, court departments, medical device enterprises and industry lawyers/agents at home and abroad.

200+ participating medical device enterprises, smart medical enterprises, colleges and research institutions at home and abroad.

50+ leading law firms and agencies at home and abroad.

250+ participants at home and abroad.

15+ hours interaction and communication (two and a half days including tea break, two lunches).


2nd Global Med Device Summit 2022 (GMIPS 2022)
“IP Protection, Risk Prevention and Control Boost the Innovative Development of Med Devices”

August 24 Afternoon

Seminar A prior to the conference (trade secret session)
Management of trade secret, judicial protection and rights protection, construction of trade secret management system

management system
Seminar A prior to the conference (legal compliance session) Due diligence on medical devices'investment, financing, and merger law, the compliance risk guidance in R&D, production, clinical trial, and operation, construction of Data compliance and system

August 25 Morning

patent data analyses, reviews and practices, patent infringement litigation
Key points of the latest Measures for Medical Devices Registration and Administration, hot issues regarding data of patent application, invalidation, reviews and practices, patent

August 25 Afternoon

Overseas practices of medical device enterprises:
Writing and infringement litigation of US and European medical device patent application, strategies of overseas patent layout

August 26 Morning

START market, authorization, household medical devices, IVD:
START market of medical device, investigation and risks of authorized IP, IP protection and layout strategies of household products and IVD Products

August 26 Afternoon

Industrial design, intelligent medical treatment, industry-university-research-medicine cooperation
Analysis on the overall situation of intelligent medical patent, protection and litigation of industrial design, protection strategy of wearable product intellectual property, intellectual property arrangement of industry-university-research-hospital cooperation

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